Thursday, August 26, 2010

So long sweet summer

So, I do this every year.  I underestimate how fast time flies.  Summer just barely started didn't it?  If you would like to wallow in sorrow with me over the end of summer, listen to this song.

Now that you're listening to it, look at all my pictures.

Here is what I did this summer. Ahem:

Went boating in a lightning storm!!

Went to Tanner's soccer games, Trevor's football games, Tanner's swim meets, Tanner's rugby games, baby sat during Dallin's football games/ Conner's basketball games... my poor mother/chauffeur.

Went shooting a few times

Went fishing for the first time in YEARS
Tanner-- "This is BORING."
He finally caught a fish and loved watching them fillet it though!
 Went hiking a BUNCH with this boy!
Stewart Falls up Provo Canyon
Did some RIVER FLOATIN'!  on more than one occasion

Hiked some more with some of my best friends and future roommates! +Amber :)

Went to Newport Beach with my family


Taught LOTS of swim lessons again! (thanks for the pics, Tania!)

'99 Nissan Altima... my baby! :)

And on top of all of that-- I swam a ton, played lots of sick volleyball, ate at some new restaurants, and got my wisdom teeth out!!!
Fatty fat MCFATTERS! Enjoy...

Did you notice that "packing" was missing from that list? I get to do that tonight. 

And then...P-TOWN!
Life is good.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So as many of you probably know, I have never been much of a cook... This is about as gourmet as I get:
That being said, I move back to Provo in exactly 1 (ONE) week.  
Suggestions anyone? Recipes?...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comic Relief!

You will never guess what I saw driving to practice the other morning... so I'll just show you:

 The only sad part about this is that it was cleaned up within the 2 hours that I was at practice... I didn't even get to see it in broad daylight!  Sad :( 
BUT--Rachel got this sweet picture even though it was kind of dark outside. Happy :)

They probably spent about 30 bucks on toilet paper at Costco.  I had to drive around the whole roundabout just to take it in!  Maybe I'm weird that I thought it was so funny...but it was 6:15 in the morning. 

It was definitely a funny and unexpected way to start to my day!

oh ps...that is the dashboard of MY NEW (to me) CAR!  Just in case you were wondering! ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You know you live in a house full of boys when the most frequently used words are "SAFETY" and "DOOR KNOB!"  Let me explain...

When a bodily function is utilized (such as a burp), the culprit must yell "safety" before someone can yell "door knob," and begin to violently hit the noise maker.  If he doesn't yell it in time, door-knob-dude can hit/slap/punch/knuckle him until he touches a door knob.  Easy enough, right?  This game is a riot, and even my lil Drewby (age 4) gets into it.  Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed.  I wish I had a cool picture of an injury from it, but this will have to suffice...
Look at those cute boys!  World's most competitive "Safety/Doorknob" players. 

This is reason 28203948203 why I love my family :)