Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life's little lessons

If anything from this past finals week was permanently inscribed in my brain, it's this:


I buy my own gallon of milk every week, and yes, I drink it all.  I will admit that I drink straight from the carton, because, well it's just easier and more convenient than drinking out of a cup (which 1- you have to find, and 2- you have to wash).  I also don't have to share it with anyone else, so no one cares. Win-win!

Well, here's where I run into problems.

I go home.
I open fridge.
I see the half-gallon of egg-nog.
I, out of habit, chug.
I return egg-nog to fridge.
I realize that it, in fact, did not taste like egg-nog.
I pull the carton back out.
I read the label: "Egg whites"
I gag.

Lets just say that I won't be drinking out of the carton for a while.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Something incredible happened tonight.

It wasn't anything I expected, or even hoped would happen.  In fact, it stressed me out and brought me to tears for a while.  Yet I am so extremely grateful I experienced it.

The nice old man named Richard was my angel tonight, and he taught me a valuable lesson on gratitude.  There could not be a better week to reflect on my blessings than Thanksgiving.

Here's what happened...

The big storm everyone's been freaking out about (you know, the one that “will far surpass anything that we've seen, probably for the last several years." according to BYU and the weather channel) was well on its way to Provo tonight when I finally got back to my apartment from practice.  It was then I realized I had a flat tire.   I was planning on leaving tomorrow morning for home because I have a lot to get done before the break, but was convinced otherwise by my panicked mother, and Kristen and I decided it would be best to race to Alpine before the storm hit.  Since I am CLUELESS when it comes to cars, some sweet boys in our ward changed the tire for me (thing #1 to be grateful for)! Kristen and I threw a few clothes into bags and were ready to leave within 10 minutes after changing the tire.  Time was key; the faster we could leave, the safer it would be.  I decided to drive home slowly on the spare.  I called my mom, happily telling her that Kristen and I were finally on our way and we'd be in Alpine soon.

No more than 10 MINUTES LATER, my spare tired popped.  I pulled into the Burgers Supreme parking lot on University Parkway and burst into tears...  The storm was getting closer and I seriously could not believe everything that was happening. Kristen turned around to come get me and I ran into the restaurant to ask the manager if it would be ok to park my car there overnight, with the storm coming and my tire situation.  He was on his way out, also trying to beat the storm, but what he did for me is something I will never forget.

Instead of just saying I could leave my car there, he ran out in the cold to look at my flat spare tire.  After looking at it for a few minutes, he grabbed the real tire out of my trunk.  He practically ordered Kristen and I to go inside the restaurant and get warm.  He then drove to Big-O-Tires, had the tire patched and fixed for me, and put the good tire on my car.  All of this in the freezing, snowy, windy weather.

This stranger wouldn't accept any money, nor would he tell me his last name.  All he could say was that if I wanted to be really nice, I could bake some cookies and take them to Steve over at Big-O-Tires for fixing my tire.  When I thanked him over and over, he just said, "If you were my daughter, I would want someone to take care of you when you needed help.  I know you're somebody's daughter."

Richard was late coming home to his family on a night when it probably wasn't convenient, with the storm coming and all.  I hope his wife knows that she married an incredible man. 

Never have I been struck so hard by the Christ-like acts of a stranger.  It really made me think of how blessed I am, and that I have SO MUCH to be grateful for.  It made me think about how often I thank my Heavenly Father for everything He gives me on a daily basis, and I definitely don't thank Him enough.  

It also made me think about how I want to be somebody's angel.  We are all sent here to earth to struggle together, and to lift each other up in time of need.  I want to be like Richard, selfless and charitable.  I want to be an instrument in the Lord's hand.  I want to think outside myself more often.

What started as a stressful night has turned into the best night I've had in a long time.  A chill, relaxed evening in the apartment with Kristen and lots of time to think about the things I'm grateful for!  I love that our Heavenly Father blesses us with these experiences.  I hope all of you sit down and take the time to thank Him for all that you have, especially this week, and have a happy Thanksgiving! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What do you all do for Halloween?
Every single year since I can remember, I've gone trick-or-treating. Yes, every year in junior high, high school, and embarrassingly enough, my freshman year of college (it was kind of a joke though, and only for like... 5 minutes. I promise :)  This year I finally put away my pumpkin candy basket and decided that it was time to grow up.  I looked around, got invited to some dance parties and some scary movie parties (neither of which I have much interest in.  Skanky, sweaty dances...ugh! And scary movies SCARE ME!) SOOOOO after seeing my cute little brothers at the swim meet, I decided that I would drive home and spend Halloween with my family!  My first year not trick-or-treating, and what did I do? I took my brothers trick-or-treating of course!  I guess I just can't let go of that part of my childhood.

On a tangent, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN MY OATMEAL THIS MORNING.  You know those personal oatmeal packets that come in boxes?  I poured one into a bowl this morning and saw something MOVING in it.  So naturally, I dug around and put whatever it was on the counter...only to see a LIVE, SQUIRMING MAGGOT!  The hairy, nasty little thing had been in that sealed packet for a LONG TIME, and it had PLENTY of food to keep it alive. Moral of the story? Stay away from Kroger oatmeal packets. (fyi the next packet I opened was safe. But I'm still gonna have to check my oatmeal before eating from now on.)

Another random story! Drewby "stole" a piece of candy from a story today after my mom said he couldn't have it.  He put it in his pocket and forgot about it until I was wrestling with him and felt it-- I pulled it out of his pocket and my mom's mouth dropped.  We asked him where he had gotten it, and he said he "found it under the couch."  Then my dad asked him if Tanner had taken it, and he told us that "Tanner took it!"  When we kept asking him how it got in his pocket (because we had a hunch he was lying ;) he then told us "it was magic!" 
Me: How did it get in your pocket?
Drew: I don't know...I don't know.
Me: Did someone put it there or was it magic?
Drew: It was magic!

FYI- this video was filmed AFTER he told us it was magic. I just wanted to get him to say it again :)
Funny boy!

The swim meet today was against Denver and we destroyed them! I'm so grateful I've had the opportunity to be apart of this team, and I can't wait to keep going!  Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it...getting up early to work out, going to school, working out again, and going to bed early. Then repeating it every day for 6 days.  My social life is lacking!  But it's days like today that I realize just how much I love the sport and the people in it, and it makes it all worth it.

We finally got the pictures from the photo shoot Aleesha, Rachel, and Kelsey and I did a few weeks ago! They are RAD! Here's a few:


And that's my GOOOOD lookin' team!

Well, if 1 out of the 3 people who read this blog get this far, I'll be happy :) KUDOS TO YOU!

Off to celebrate Halloween some more with Tanner and Drewby! That's right, call me party girl! Love you all :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Good Things in Life :)

First off, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!!!
Wednesdays have GOT to be the best day of the week.  I love my Wednesdays!  And I love the 20 hours-a-week limit the NCAA enforces that give me my wonderful Wednesdays. That being said, I am taking a gigantic nap later today after class! WOOT!

It's been raining a lil bit the last day or two, and seriously I love the rain, but it kept me from going to any class on Monday :) (tee hee?)  Am I just super lazy or is walking to the other end of campus after practice in the POURING (I repeat, POURING) rain a legitimate reason to ditch class?

On the bright side, I got a free car wash--2 days in a row!! Thank you, mother nature!

Anyways! Homework time! So I can take my nap later :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

24 hours and 4000 calories later...

Well hi! It's been a minute since I've updated you all on my absolutely fabulous life (and I know you're all DYING to hear about it ;) so...I will enlighten you now! :)

PROVO-- I have a love/hate relationship with the city right now.  Lets just say the city cops are not my favorite people in the world...

But I DO have kick-awesome ROOMMATES who I love sooooo much!  It is seriously so fun to come home every night and see these BRIGHT SMILING FACES! :)

SCHOOL-- As crazy as this sounds, I LOVE my classes!  Seriously-- Stats may not be my strong point, but I get to balance it out with a FLEXIBILITY! Stretch for 10 minutes, take a power nap for 30... how could I NOT like a class where we stretch and SLEEP?!

SWIMMING-- It's as crazy and intense as ever, but I'm working hard and I love feeling like I'm in shape again :)  The only downside-- I eat like a maniac.  It takes me an hour to pack my lunch every night.  SUGGESTIONS?! I'm thinking about those 10,000 Calorie emergency bars...
Lets see...
-General conference is this weekend, and that is going to be FABULOUS! 
-I only have one more midterm this week and then it's pretty much all downhill till Monday! :)  
-I got called as Relief Society president and although it is A LOT of time, I've learned to love it! I have been so blessed already.
-We have our first swim meet NEXT THURSDAY...against UTAH. So come.
-Did I mention I have amazing roommates?
Popping whip cream into our mouths from our arms at our first FHE

MY GIRLS! Big bad sophomores now! :)

Ok. Homework is calling. Actually, my bed is. Decisions decisions.............. :) 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So long sweet summer

So, I do this every year.  I underestimate how fast time flies.  Summer just barely started didn't it?  If you would like to wallow in sorrow with me over the end of summer, listen to this song.

Now that you're listening to it, look at all my pictures.

Here is what I did this summer. Ahem:

Went boating in a lightning storm!!

Went to Tanner's soccer games, Trevor's football games, Tanner's swim meets, Tanner's rugby games, baby sat during Dallin's football games/ Conner's basketball games... my poor mother/chauffeur.

Went shooting a few times

Went fishing for the first time in YEARS
Tanner-- "This is BORING."
He finally caught a fish and loved watching them fillet it though!
 Went hiking a BUNCH with this boy!
Stewart Falls up Provo Canyon
Did some RIVER FLOATIN'!  on more than one occasion

Hiked some more with some of my best friends and future roommates! +Amber :)

Went to Newport Beach with my family


Taught LOTS of swim lessons again! (thanks for the pics, Tania!)

'99 Nissan Altima... my baby! :)

And on top of all of that-- I swam a ton, played lots of sick volleyball, ate at some new restaurants, and got my wisdom teeth out!!!
Fatty fat MCFATTERS! Enjoy...

Did you notice that "packing" was missing from that list? I get to do that tonight. 

And then...P-TOWN!
Life is good.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So as many of you probably know, I have never been much of a cook... This is about as gourmet as I get:
That being said, I move back to Provo in exactly 1 (ONE) week.  
Suggestions anyone? Recipes?...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comic Relief!

You will never guess what I saw driving to practice the other morning... so I'll just show you:

 The only sad part about this is that it was cleaned up within the 2 hours that I was at practice... I didn't even get to see it in broad daylight!  Sad :( 
BUT--Rachel got this sweet picture even though it was kind of dark outside. Happy :)

They probably spent about 30 bucks on toilet paper at Costco.  I had to drive around the whole roundabout just to take it in!  Maybe I'm weird that I thought it was so funny...but it was 6:15 in the morning. 

It was definitely a funny and unexpected way to start to my day!

oh ps...that is the dashboard of MY NEW (to me) CAR!  Just in case you were wondering! ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You know you live in a house full of boys when the most frequently used words are "SAFETY" and "DOOR KNOB!"  Let me explain...

When a bodily function is utilized (such as a burp), the culprit must yell "safety" before someone can yell "door knob," and begin to violently hit the noise maker.  If he doesn't yell it in time, door-knob-dude can hit/slap/punch/knuckle him until he touches a door knob.  Easy enough, right?  This game is a riot, and even my lil Drewby (age 4) gets into it.  Blood, sweat, and tears have been shed.  I wish I had a cool picture of an injury from it, but this will have to suffice...
Look at those cute boys!  World's most competitive "Safety/Doorknob" players. 

This is reason 28203948203 why I love my family :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tarzo here...

Yep. I can't believe it either. I actually succumbed and joined the blogging world.  Don't look down upon me...just because I decided that I need ONE MORE THING to help me procrastinate homework, or sleep.  Facebook just hasn't been cutting it lately.  So here I am.  Hello world :)