Thursday, October 27, 2011

I struggle

Today I couldn't find my BYU ID card ANYWHERE. 
This is a big deal when you have a huge art project/poster due 
the next day and can't print anything off.
Luckily I have kick-awesome teammates (shout out to Addy Marsh!) who help me out.
Initially, I was worried that I couldn't find it though.

But then I realized that I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to have a new picture on my BYU ID card... 
I would GLADLY pay the 5 dollars or whatever it is to get a new one!!
It's just something you wouldn't understand unless you've seen my picture.

Lets just say that it was another attempt at the following:
9th Grade class picture

Senior class picture. Yes this was in the yearbook my senior year of high school.
(Mama no likey)

But back to my ID card-- Something went terribly wrong when I took my picture and I resemble a constipated unicorn (hair sticking straight up and everything).

Unfortunately I came home and found my ID card sitting on my night stand.
No new picture for me I guess...
Maybe if I'd clean more often I wouldn't get my hopes up!
Take a wild guess at which side is mine. Nope not the left!
On another note-- GLOZELL and Antoine Dodson are in PROVO!!!!!!!!!!!
and Kristen got to see them today!
One of my unrealistic and stupid DREAMS is to meet Glozell... 
watch this and you'll see why:

Ok maybe we don't see eye to eye on this, BUT I LOVE HER!!!!
Check out her Bruno Mars one HERE. 
Lil Bru Bru!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I hate coming up with titles

Every Wednesday I get to go to an elementary school and tutor in a special needs classroom.  The kids are so cute and I usually love every minute I'm there!  But this teacher I work with.... is SERIOUSLY RIDICULOUS!

A little girl finished her math test early today and got permission to draw, so she stapled a few pieces of scratch paper together and made a book about Unicorns (adorable!), and then proceeded to show her teacher her piece of work.  

As a teacher, I think you have a few different options here:
1) Praise them for working hard on their test and then thank them for drawing quietly while the rest of the class finished,
2) Praise their piece of work (positive reinforcement!) so they'll continue to be creative in the future, or
3) Give them suggestions to make their work better.

What happened though, SHOCKED ME.

The ONLY thing the teacher had to say about it was:

"You are wasting all of my paper! 
I had 50 sheets in there on Monday and now there's one?! Go sit down!"


Emily turned around with a sad look on her face, and my heart melted. When she got closer I pulled her aside and told her how great her book was, and this ADORABLE little girl smiled and wrapped her arms around me.  Then she skipped out the door with a 
"See you next Wednesday, Miss T!"

I know this isn't the most entertaining blog post, but I never want to forget how upset this made me.  I don't know what that teacher might be going through, or what kind of day she had, but I'm learning from this and making sure I NEVER treat my students like that (let alone SPECIAL NEEDS students).

Thanks for reading. Here's something funny...

Life is good!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Totally stole this from Sara Jayne but I couldn't NOT share it...

Don't worry, I cried too.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

untitled once again

Do I ever blog 2 days in a row? NEVER
Am I about to do so? YES.

© Heather Johnson
In case you hadn't heard, today it snowed.
And I wore shorts... meaning I reached my goal.
(if confused, see previous post)

but seriously?!!! snow already?!!!!!
2 days ago I was teaching swim lessons OUTSIDE and getting a tan while I was at it!

Apparently Mother Nature does NOT want to see my leg hair anymore.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

blah blah blah

Today I... wore shorts to school in frigid 52 degree rainy weather. I have NOT worn jeans ONCE this semester, hoping that if I'm defiant, it will stay warmer longer.  Mother Nature is MESSING WITH MY PLAN!!
(PLAN: Wear shorts until either 1) it snows, or 2) my leg hair starts getting split ends. Whichever comes first)

Today I... fell asleep in class and flinched so bad that everyone 3 rows behind me laughed and the teacher wondered what was so funny.

Today I... am blogging when I should be napping-- to potentially avoid falling asleep in class tonight.... lets be real though. It's gonna happen regardless.

Today I... wished swimmers could shave their legs in-season.
Today I... wished I could sleep for a day and not suffer the consequences.
Today I... didn't match.

This week I... had a dream that there was a new Starburst flavor, and the wrappers were white. I liked that dream a lot.

This week I... ACCIDENTALLY kicked a volleyball straight at an unsuspecting male's.... sensitive area.

This week I... stayed up way too late on the phone.
This week I... have the first swim meet of the season!! COME. Blue vs. White. Friday. 6 pm. Richards Building.

This month I... have no idea what I'm being for Halloween, and don't really care.
This month I... am excited to go to California.

Right now I... am happy :)
Right now I... am boring myself (I can only imagine how YOU'RE feeling :)