Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ever since I moved in with grandma, I have had THE WORST sweet tooth!
I've NEVER really been one to crave sugar, especially in-season.
(except for tropical starbursts. those will always be my weakness)
This morning I went to the grocery store to pick up some treats for my swim lesson kids.
This was a bad idea mainly because:
1) it was right after practice, meaning I was HUNGRY
2) You're never supposed to go to the grocery store when you're hungry, and
3) I obviously ended up in the candy isle to buy my swim lesson treats.

Walking through that isle and deciding what to buy STRANGELY enough (ha) gave me the most random craving...

Lets just say I may or may not have eaten an entire bag of black licorice today...
And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Moving on:

I have the best job in the entire world.
Why? I get the combination of 3 of my favorite things into 1: 
swimming, kids, and teaching.

But I have a little list to prove it, too:

Reason #1: I don't have to shower, put on makeup, or brush my hair or teeth before work! (JK ABOUT THE TEETH)
Reason # 2: I taught a boy a few weeks ago that resembled one of my favorite tv show characters...
Every time I looked at this little kid, I couldn't help but SMILE because Manny is so loveable and hilarious!

I just looked on youtube for a clip of Manny and unfortunately just spent the last 45 minutes watching hilarious clips from Modern Family with Trev. SO FUNNY!!! If you haven't seen this show (and even if you have) WATCH THESE and you are guaranteed a laugh!


I couldn't find any good ones of Manny, but trust me. He is THE BEST!

WHEW! (Tangent: if you haven't noticed this blog is nothing but tangents.  I feel like that's just kind of how life is.  Nothing in life is formally introduced; we don't get a preview of what's going to happen- life just kinda HAPPENS and we make it work! Ooo wasn't that deep?! but seriously back to my real tangent... ah shoot. Forgot what I was going to say. Dang tangents)

Numero 3 reason why I love my job: The cute things the kids say.  For example, I was trying to get a little girl to swim backstroke with straight arms and told her to reach for a plate of cookies on the top shelf.  She then went on to say: "What if mom says no?" 

4. Yesterday I got a $50 dollar tip. NBD.

5. I taught a 7 year old girl who had a near death experience in a pool at the age of 2 and has since been extremely terrified of water. She screamed, cried, kicked, told me she hated swimming, and it just went on and on every single day for almost 2 weeks. My ears were ringing after her lessons because they were so miserable for her.  She wouldn't leave the steps, and if I pulled her out with me she screamed harder and tried to climb up me to get out of the water.  To be honest, I have NEVER wanted to give up on a kid until this little girl came along...  I knew I couldn't though.  It took almost 2 weeks, but yesterday she floated and today she swam to the deep end BY HERSELF! I was so proud of her for overcoming her fear, that I almost had tears in my eyes.
She told me today that all she could dream about the night before was how she could swim, and how it wasn't scary! THAT is why I have the best job in the world.

This experience has really made me realize how blessed I am to have the talents God gave me, and how lucky I am that I get to share my talent with these kids every single day.  As EXHAUSTING as it is to teach for 4 hours after a long practice and little sleep, it's always worth it at the end of the session when the kids are confident and happy swimmers. 
I. LOVE. MY. JOB. :)

The end.... this post has taken me a ridiculously long time to write. I blame youtube.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Unlucky or lucky? You decide

Winning stuff on the radio has never been so anticlimactic
or such a let down before this week.

Not gonna lie, I win tons of stuff on the radio. It's all random, but who would pass up:
Dinner for 2 at Sweet Tomatoes
Monster Truck Rally tickets
4 tickets to a Grizzly hockey game
Concert tickets to some band I don't even like

You all know how competitive I am...
I just get a rush from hearing the dj announce that caller 10 will win "this and that"...
and then calling in just to win, regardless of the prize.
Sadly, out of all that crap I've won, I've never gone to pick any of it up.
It's usually not worth the drive to downtown Salt Lake.
Plus, I just like to win.
BUT THIS WEEK........ I struck gold! With............

HARRY POTTER tickets!!!!!!!!

These tickets weren't just any tickets- they were tickets to an exclusive showing!! The winner watched the 1st movie (of the 7th book) at 6 pm and then watched the brand new one right after, with a theatre to themselves and their friends.
I was freaking out on the phone (like you're supposed to),
and then the dj asked where I was from.
(Still freaking out): "PROVO!"
The dj kind of laughed and asked me if i realized that the movie theatre that I had just won tickets to was in good ol' Farmington, UT.


If I can't even drive to Salt Lake to pick up prizes, what makes anyone think I'm going to drive all the way out to Farmington to use my prize?!
(Sorry to all the Harry Potter die-hards that read this)

This made me conclude that I'm a lucky winner when it is something I don't really care about (ex: Monster truck rally tickets).  But when it's $50 at a junior high assembly or a free trip to Hawaii, I am the unluckiest winners of ALL TIME!!!

SOOOO... to all you unlucky ones out there! (I'm referring to the unlucky ones who don't even win crap on the radio)  Feel free to give me a call when you HAVE to win that new CD.  If I win and I don't want it, it's all yours ;)
Have a happy July 16th!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


(pardon the lame title)
Life has been so wonderfully GOOD and hilarious lately.
First off:
I FINALLY (after MONTHS of trying) got to watch my odometer in my car turn from 999.9 to 000.0! Stupid I know, but I like stuff like this.
I always forgot to watch, or lost track of mileage. 
Once, I got to 999.2 and made the mistake of telling Conner how excited I was (he happened to be in the car).  He leaned over to "look" and RESET the odometer. 
Boy was I mad. Ok not really.
If at first you don't succeed.... blah blah blah you know the rest!
I even pulled into a parking lot at 999.8 and drove around for .2 of a mile.
Imagine that and then try to tell me that isn't discipline.
I love accomplishing goals ;)  Even goals as stupid as this one.

I have tons to say and tons I could blog about... 
Like how awesome summer is.
Or how much I love my family.
And how much fun this weekend was.
But I'll spare you :)

Instead, enjoy a very short story about my hilarious family:
This literally happened an hour ago- I was in my room and overheard this:

Mom: "What are you talking about."
(just imagine a typical "Holly freak-out" right about now. We all sing this song when this happens)

The rest of the monologue isn't important, but you get the picture.
I haven't gagged and laughed so hard at the same time in a really long time. It's quite the experience.

Ps. Check out this link because it's funny and I promise it will only take a second!

Go cougs!