Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life's little lessons

If anything from this past finals week was permanently inscribed in my brain, it's this:


I buy my own gallon of milk every week, and yes, I drink it all.  I will admit that I drink straight from the carton, because, well it's just easier and more convenient than drinking out of a cup (which 1- you have to find, and 2- you have to wash).  I also don't have to share it with anyone else, so no one cares. Win-win!

Well, here's where I run into problems.

I go home.
I open fridge.
I see the half-gallon of egg-nog.
I, out of habit, chug.
I return egg-nog to fridge.
I realize that it, in fact, did not taste like egg-nog.
I pull the carton back out.
I read the label: "Egg whites"
I gag.

Lets just say that I won't be drinking out of the carton for a while.


  1. egg whites are much better than the wad of gum you found in the bottom of the yogurt smoothy of Trevors that you finished off