Monday, April 11, 2011

For Grandma Toolson

My wonderful Grandma Toolson asked me to update this. She doesn't check facebook, so these pictures are dedicated to you gma!  Can't wait to live with you in a few weeks! :)
I love you grandma!
This is us at grandpa's funeral. You are beautiful!
A few weeks ago, my roommates and I and a friend in our ward decided to take a road trip to California!
It was a BLAST!!
Kristen, me, Brittany, Kylie
Bonfire on the beach
Ky, Britt, CJ, Kristen, me
I have really attractive friends :)
Kylie and I on the beach!
My beautiful roommates/best friends and I at the Newport Beach Temple! I love them so much!
The clan

Festival of Colors--before
My roomies! and cj haha

We slid down the mud :)
a random weekend adventure
home for a weekend! 

I love these little boys SO MUCH!
We got to go to the Jon Schmidt concert last week, and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!  Steven Sharp Nelson (the cellist) played with him and it seriously was the most amazing 2 hours of my life! If you haven't ever heard them, click HERE.  I found the sheet music for this song, so Elise (pictured left) is going to learn the piano, and we're going to play it.
2011 MWC Champions, 200 freestyle relay!
I love this relay!
Aleesha, me, Kim, Sara Jayne
Conference champs!!
Life is good :) 
Hope you enjoyed, grandma! I love you!

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