Wednesday, September 29, 2010

24 hours and 4000 calories later...

Well hi! It's been a minute since I've updated you all on my absolutely fabulous life (and I know you're all DYING to hear about it ;) so...I will enlighten you now! :)

PROVO-- I have a love/hate relationship with the city right now.  Lets just say the city cops are not my favorite people in the world...

But I DO have kick-awesome ROOMMATES who I love sooooo much!  It is seriously so fun to come home every night and see these BRIGHT SMILING FACES! :)

SCHOOL-- As crazy as this sounds, I LOVE my classes!  Seriously-- Stats may not be my strong point, but I get to balance it out with a FLEXIBILITY! Stretch for 10 minutes, take a power nap for 30... how could I NOT like a class where we stretch and SLEEP?!

SWIMMING-- It's as crazy and intense as ever, but I'm working hard and I love feeling like I'm in shape again :)  The only downside-- I eat like a maniac.  It takes me an hour to pack my lunch every night.  SUGGESTIONS?! I'm thinking about those 10,000 Calorie emergency bars...
Lets see...
-General conference is this weekend, and that is going to be FABULOUS! 
-I only have one more midterm this week and then it's pretty much all downhill till Monday! :)  
-I got called as Relief Society president and although it is A LOT of time, I've learned to love it! I have been so blessed already.
-We have our first swim meet NEXT THURSDAY...against UTAH. So come.
-Did I mention I have amazing roommates?
Popping whip cream into our mouths from our arms at our first FHE

MY GIRLS! Big bad sophomores now! :)

Ok. Homework is calling. Actually, my bed is. Decisions decisions.............. :) 

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