Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

What do you all do for Halloween?
Every single year since I can remember, I've gone trick-or-treating. Yes, every year in junior high, high school, and embarrassingly enough, my freshman year of college (it was kind of a joke though, and only for like... 5 minutes. I promise :)  This year I finally put away my pumpkin candy basket and decided that it was time to grow up.  I looked around, got invited to some dance parties and some scary movie parties (neither of which I have much interest in.  Skanky, sweaty dances...ugh! And scary movies SCARE ME!) SOOOOO after seeing my cute little brothers at the swim meet, I decided that I would drive home and spend Halloween with my family!  My first year not trick-or-treating, and what did I do? I took my brothers trick-or-treating of course!  I guess I just can't let go of that part of my childhood.

On a tangent, YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN MY OATMEAL THIS MORNING.  You know those personal oatmeal packets that come in boxes?  I poured one into a bowl this morning and saw something MOVING in it.  So naturally, I dug around and put whatever it was on the counter...only to see a LIVE, SQUIRMING MAGGOT!  The hairy, nasty little thing had been in that sealed packet for a LONG TIME, and it had PLENTY of food to keep it alive. Moral of the story? Stay away from Kroger oatmeal packets. (fyi the next packet I opened was safe. But I'm still gonna have to check my oatmeal before eating from now on.)

Another random story! Drewby "stole" a piece of candy from a story today after my mom said he couldn't have it.  He put it in his pocket and forgot about it until I was wrestling with him and felt it-- I pulled it out of his pocket and my mom's mouth dropped.  We asked him where he had gotten it, and he said he "found it under the couch."  Then my dad asked him if Tanner had taken it, and he told us that "Tanner took it!"  When we kept asking him how it got in his pocket (because we had a hunch he was lying ;) he then told us "it was magic!" 
Me: How did it get in your pocket?
Drew: I don't know...I don't know.
Me: Did someone put it there or was it magic?
Drew: It was magic!

FYI- this video was filmed AFTER he told us it was magic. I just wanted to get him to say it again :)
Funny boy!

The swim meet today was against Denver and we destroyed them! I'm so grateful I've had the opportunity to be apart of this team, and I can't wait to keep going!  Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it...getting up early to work out, going to school, working out again, and going to bed early. Then repeating it every day for 6 days.  My social life is lacking!  But it's days like today that I realize just how much I love the sport and the people in it, and it makes it all worth it.

We finally got the pictures from the photo shoot Aleesha, Rachel, and Kelsey and I did a few weeks ago! They are RAD! Here's a few:


And that's my GOOOOD lookin' team!

Well, if 1 out of the 3 people who read this blog get this far, I'll be happy :) KUDOS TO YOU!

Off to celebrate Halloween some more with Tanner and Drewby! That's right, call me party girl! Love you all :)


  1. Oh, Taryn I miss you! Those pics are cute! You stud. =)

  2. Taryn, you are such a good sister/daughter! That story about Drew is hilarious. Little stinker!! I remember when Megan (yes, angelic, never did anything wrong Aunt Megan), took a package of cinnamon toothpicks and she got busted. I wonder if she remembers? :) Those swim pics are awesome! I'm so proud.