Thursday, June 9, 2011

*Enter witty, creative title for post here*

It's a good day to be alive! Wanna know why?

Summer thus far has consisted of the following: 
eat, sleep, swim, play volleyball, and repeat (not necessarily in that order).
Oh I go to class and do homework occasionally too.
(I know, my life is soooo hard!!!!)

Thanks to my only source of sun (volleyball), I'm rocking the farmers tan.
personal fav-- waterskiing tan line
Mine resembles the tennis tan on the far right...
But at least it means I'm TAN ok???

I have no idea who this guy is...I found it while looking for farmer's-tan pics on google. 
THIS is a good reason to be alive!! 
jk. Just some eye candy for the ladies! ;)
Yes I'm aware that he's probably like, 16............ and I don't care. he has a farmers tan!
Meaning that farmers tans are hot... right?!!!

Alright I'll stop trying to convince myself.
Life is good. :)

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