Wednesday, October 5, 2011

blah blah blah

Today I... wore shorts to school in frigid 52 degree rainy weather. I have NOT worn jeans ONCE this semester, hoping that if I'm defiant, it will stay warmer longer.  Mother Nature is MESSING WITH MY PLAN!!
(PLAN: Wear shorts until either 1) it snows, or 2) my leg hair starts getting split ends. Whichever comes first)

Today I... fell asleep in class and flinched so bad that everyone 3 rows behind me laughed and the teacher wondered what was so funny.

Today I... am blogging when I should be napping-- to potentially avoid falling asleep in class tonight.... lets be real though. It's gonna happen regardless.

Today I... wished swimmers could shave their legs in-season.
Today I... wished I could sleep for a day and not suffer the consequences.
Today I... didn't match.

This week I... had a dream that there was a new Starburst flavor, and the wrappers were white. I liked that dream a lot.

This week I... ACCIDENTALLY kicked a volleyball straight at an unsuspecting male's.... sensitive area.

This week I... stayed up way too late on the phone.
This week I... have the first swim meet of the season!! COME. Blue vs. White. Friday. 6 pm. Richards Building.

This month I... have no idea what I'm being for Halloween, and don't really care.
This month I... am excited to go to California.

Right now I... am happy :)
Right now I... am boring myself (I can only imagine how YOU'RE feeling :) 



  1. HAHA! I really, really hope your leg hair gets split ends! That would not only make my day, but my whole entire week. Maybe even my YEAR!!! Oh the joys of being a swimmer :)

  2. T,you are such a fantastic writer. Your posts could never bore! Seriously!

  3. HAHA i love this! White starbursts sound good :)