Thursday, October 27, 2011

I struggle

Today I couldn't find my BYU ID card ANYWHERE. 
This is a big deal when you have a huge art project/poster due 
the next day and can't print anything off.
Luckily I have kick-awesome teammates (shout out to Addy Marsh!) who help me out.
Initially, I was worried that I couldn't find it though.

But then I realized that I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to have a new picture on my BYU ID card... 
I would GLADLY pay the 5 dollars or whatever it is to get a new one!!
It's just something you wouldn't understand unless you've seen my picture.

Lets just say that it was another attempt at the following:
9th Grade class picture

Senior class picture. Yes this was in the yearbook my senior year of high school.
(Mama no likey)

But back to my ID card-- Something went terribly wrong when I took my picture and I resemble a constipated unicorn (hair sticking straight up and everything).

Unfortunately I came home and found my ID card sitting on my night stand.
No new picture for me I guess...
Maybe if I'd clean more often I wouldn't get my hopes up!
Take a wild guess at which side is mine. Nope not the left!
On another note-- GLOZELL and Antoine Dodson are in PROVO!!!!!!!!!!!
and Kristen got to see them today!
One of my unrealistic and stupid DREAMS is to meet Glozell... 
watch this and you'll see why:

Ok maybe we don't see eye to eye on this, BUT I LOVE HER!!!!
Check out her Bruno Mars one HERE. 
Lil Bru Bru!


  1. hahahaha too bad I missed getting a pic with them :( lame. love this though! You make my life so much more fun! love you!

  2. hahaha a constipated unicorn?! also, don't be surprised when rude boy is rude haha

  3. Taryn... I love this... please keep doing your hair like this. It's beyond fabulous!! love you and miss you!