Wednesday, December 14, 2011


HELLO to my blogging friends, random fb friends I hardly ever talk to anymore, creepy blog stalkers from India, and whoever else may happen to stumble across this blog.

I'm gonna make this short. 
Soooooo, here is my update for the day, week, month, or year: 
(depending on when I will blog next. It's never predictable)

Yesterday I wrote an entire 12 page paper. 
How long had I known about this paper? Since the beginning of November. 
Last week I wrote a 7 page paper in 2 hours. 
How long had I known about that paper? Since the beginning of the semester.

I also wrote a 1 page paper in 20 minutes last week (I know, less impressive).

You would think that I would learn my lesson and run from the 
procrastarynator when she comes around...
But seriously, that was one of the best semesters EVER.

I can't decide if there's a correlation there, but regardless, life is good.

Here's to another wonderful, procrastination-filled
 semester of school, swimming, friends, and FUN!

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  1. 12 papers in one day is by far the most impressive procrastination I've ever hear. congrats haha