Friday, December 23, 2011

Egg Nog

Egg-nog does not last long in our house.  

Mama T bought a gallon this week and it was literally gone in 1 day.
How could you NOT like egg nog when it looks this festive?!
(photo courtesy of Google Images)

Because it's so yummy and everyone likes it at my house,
you have to fight your way to the fridge if you even want a CHANCE at a swig. 

Plainly speaking, this doesn't leave very much time to examine the carton... 
I learned my lesson last year. (Read this if you are confused.)

But because I like to end on a high note,
I am here to say that I actually drank EGG NOG this year, and I liked it.

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Lol love it! I think I need to invite a Toolson or two to my house. I'm the only person who likes egg nog at my home, and it always ends up going bad before I can drink it all! But still, totally worth it. :)