Thursday, April 5, 2012


I guess since it's been almost 2 weeks, it's about time that I post a little something here that my dear aunties have been waiting for.  
Drum roll please....

(old news, but new to the blog)

Yes, it's true! CJ Lewis proposed on March 23, 2012 and I said YES!

No, this does not mean I will have a married blog anytime soon.
But I AM accepting creative nominations for the future Taryn+CJ Lewis blog title!

Anyways! The short version of the proposal went like this: 
We went on a double date. CJ proposed. I was shocked. We got ice cream. 

Or, you can read the long version:

CJ and his buddy Shane are on 3 of the same intramural teams, so at a football game a few weeks ago, Shane's wife Kortneigh asked me if I had ever heard of geocaching.  
Had I heard of it?! I WAS OBSESSED LAST SUMMER.  
CJ knew this, had told Kortneigh to casually bring it up and make it sound like it was my idea to go geocaching sometime, and schedule a double date.

The date was scheduled and Shane and Kortneigh talked smack all week about how they were going to win (naturally it was going to be a competition) but I knew CJ and I would win, cuz I'm the experienced one, DUH.  Friday finally rolled around, and we were to meet at a park at 8 pm to start geocaching.  Whoever found the most geocaches in an hour won, and we planned to meet at an ice cream place at 9 pm.

This would have worked out perfectly, except my phone wouldn't download the app/the app wasn't working.  All four of us sat at the park for 20 minutes while I tried to get it to work, with no luck. I finally just suggested we all go in the same car and that it wouldn't be a competition, but they were "stubborn" and wouldn't agree with me.  Kortneigh shoved her Iphone into my hands and said they would use Shane's (except it was dead...ha) and we were off!

I kept telling CJ, "I know where a million are on University Avenue!! Lets go there, we'll win for sure!!"  But he WOULDN'T LISTEN and said that we should stay around that area.  I was annoyed because I wanted to win.  We found the first one by the temple, took a picture to prove we found it, and AGAIN: "CJ! Seriously lets go to University Avenue!!"  But he grabbed the iphone and found the closest geocache to us, at Rock Canyon park.

We pulled over, I SPRINTED to the spot it was showing on the GPS (go hard or go home!), and shone my flashlight around the area to try to find it.  I saw something shiny in the trees a little ways off, ran over there and realized it was a CAMERA on a tiny tripod (you'd think that I would have caught on by now right? Nope, I'm oblivious as ever).  I told CJ that there was a camera and how weird it was and all he could say was "...There's creepers in Provo." HAHA.

I literally was thinking, "who films geocachers on a Friday night? That's so lame," and then I ignored it because I thought, "we don't have time for this! We've gotta WIN!"  We found the geocache, I took a picture and started running off back to the car, and CJ told me to come back.  He told me to read something and then Jess came out of the trees and started snapping pics (by this time I had caught on, and started shaking and stuttering over my words).  He gave me the cutest note, got down on one knee, and PROPOSED.

(This is what the note said:)
*Must Read Out Loud*
Making homemade pizza on my first date with Taryn= $10
Filling up Taryn's car with balloons to surprise her on her birthday= $4
Two cups of watery hot chocolate from Sonic on the night I told Taryn I liked her=$3
Eating at Cafe Rio 10 times a month= $180
My cell phone bill during December b/c I was talking to Taryn every other day of Winter break= $73.67 (it's normally $35)
Proposal Ring from Walmart= $9.25
Being Married to my best friend Taryn for the rest of my life= PRICELESS


As if getting engaged wasn't enough of a surprise, we were still supposed to meet Shane and Kortneigh at the ice cream place ("We automatically win because we got engaged!") so a little later, we drove to SubZero and I was shocked to see....
my family, roommates, and friends there, all to welcome and congratulate us!!

I have the best fiance ever.  
I didn't think he would be able to surprise me but he did a dang good job!! 

just engaged!

Typical us 

Surprise #2: friends and family at subzero!
Telling the story 
debatably the best picture of the night?
hugging mom
just kidding, this was the best picture of the night
my bestie and the photographer of the evening
Kortneigh and Shane and my new bling
Cousin Jess
Roommates and friends!

My fam minus a few 
My brothers are SO EXCITED to have CJ as a new brother!!! I love how much they love him.
We're getting married August 9, 2012 in the Mount Timpanogos Temple and are so stoked!! Thanks for all of the kind words, and for just being amazing, supportive people! 
We love you all!!!


  1. Congratulations Taryn! I'm so excited for you and I'm glad you posted your story. You've got a great catch that's for sure :)

  2. This is adorable! I died laughing (with you) at those pics! hahaha LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. You guys are so cute! He got a good one, or sure!!

  4. I love it! Thanks for sharing! I really hope I can make it!

  5. What an adorable story! So excited for you :)

  6. Congrats Taryn! We're so happy for you.

  7. Taryn i love this!! Thanks for "finally" posting! You two are such an adorable,beautiful couple! I can't wait to meet him someday. love you!

  8. SO CUTE!!! So excited for you both! :)

  9. My favorite pic is the one of you on his back when y'all are freaking out. :) Sooo cute. I'm so excited and proud to know you both, AAANNDDD (I'm never gonna let you forget this....) I TOTALLY called it. ;)

  10. Just found your cute blog on your facebook. What a darling write up of the night. Way more details than we got out of typical. We'll be going to you now for any further info! How are you! I am so so happy to have you join the Lewis fam. You'll be a great addition to the in law team!